Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. Cybercrime is no longer something out of James Bond movies—it’s happening all the time. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the cybersecurity landscape in Russia and what you should know about their current cyberattacks.


About Russia

Russia is one of the most attractive cybercrime destinations on the globe. According to a study by the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the US Naval Postgraduate School, it has been seen as a hub for cybercrime for some time now.


Cybersecurity attacks from Russia have been going on for years. In 2009, McAfee pinpointed Russia as one of the top five countries with the most threat actors. These hackers are usually looking for credit card data or personal information that they can use later in other scams or steal money from people’s accounts.


Russian Cyberattacks

Russia has been actively attacking other countries for some time now. The government has been involved in espionage attacks, Criminal activities such as phishing and malware development, disruptive attacks on infrastructure, and more. The Kremlin has several reasons for attacking other countries, including retaliation or asserting its power over others. Some experts say that Russia has infiltrated voting systems in 39 states across America. This is just the latest in Russia’s long cyberattacks against Western democracies.


Russia’s cyberattacks have been on the rise in recent years. In 2017 alone, Russia was responsible for 12% of all reported cybersecurity breaches worldwide. Some of their most notable attacks include:

o Targeting the US power grid to cause a blackout

o Hacking into Ukrainian power company Ukrenergo and using their systems to mine cryptocurrency

o Hacking into the 2016 US Presidential election



Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance in today’s world. Cyberattacks are happening more and more often, and it’s essential to be aware of the threat.



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