Anthony Kopiecki’s Professional Experience

Anthony Kopiecki is a seasoned business professional based in New York City with a background in the medical industry. He is passionate about business development and fostering financial growth. Anthony is always ready to tackle new challenges with a strategic approach, focusing on core functionality and organizational structures to help optimize existing practices and set companies of for successful growth patterns. Anthony Kopiecki enjoys keeping up with medical research, innovative technology developments, and trends in whatever industry he’s currently investing in.

Client Advisor

Cloud Latitude, New York City

Anthony Kopiecki worked with clients to build custom IT solutions to improve architechtures and create cost-effective workflows. Anthony helped lead discovery meetings to determine client needs and present demos.

Medical Director

Cell Vault, New York City

Anthony Kopiecki’s clinical background was paired with his sales experience to help commercialize and adopt innovative new health products for consumers. Anthony worked with prospective clients to determine eligibility and recruit subscribers.


Cathexis Designs, Brooklyn, NY

With his team, Anthony Kopiecki designed and prototyped technologically advanced apparel items. He worked in collaboration with a fashion designer and some technology consultants. Anthony helped promote the brand on social media and by presenting demonstration.

Resident Physician

St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, New Jersey

Anthony Kopiecki used decision-making tiers to help optimize patient outcomes. He monitored patients in multiple units, working with 20-40 patients in a given day. Anthony trained in several surgical disciplines, with a special focus on transplants, cardiothoracic surgery, intensive care, and more.


Medical Student

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Patterson, NJ

At St. Joseph’s, Anthony Kopiecki received extensive hands-on training in a multidisciplinary setting. He rotated through multiple departments while helping department heads with procedures and monitoring. Additionally, Anthony published research on a new surgical technique for Opitz G/BBB Syndrome.

Mortgage Consultant

M&M Mortgage LLC, Minneapolis, MN

Prior to his medical journey, Anthony Kopiecki worked with M&M Mortgage to perform financial analysis and optimize loan packages for large client purchases. He analyzed financial markets and business publications to help identify growth opportunities and direct investment decisions.


Doctor of Medicine | St. George’s University of Medicine, Grenada

B.S in Biology | University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN