Health care workers have experienced a tough time during this pandemic as they provide round the clock treatment to critically ill patients. Some cannot see their family members or spend time with them, making the situation dire. So what are some of the ways we can support this fantastic group during these challenging times?


Encourage them through social media

Many health workers are always stressed and worried about getting the virus; thus, writing something positive online will go a long way in encouraging them. It is also an easy way to reach thousands of health workers and let them know we are standing with them and thinking about their well-being.


Stay home

The most excellent way to support health care workers during this challenging time is by staying home and taking government directives seriously. This act helps reduce the number of infections and flatten the curve, hence reducing the workload on their end.


Buy groceries and food supplies

Covid-19 patients need round-the-clock care, making it harder for health workers to be there for their families. Dropping groceries to their homes is a positive gesture that enables the public to care for their loved ones.


Donate PPEs and leave them in the store

PPEs are critically essential to health care workers at this time. This protective gear enables them to stay safe and reduces the chances of infection among this group. If one has PPEs in the house, consider donating them to the local hospital to prevent the shortage and ensure a constant supply. One can also refrain from buying all PPEs from the counter shelves making sure health care workers can have access to them.


Provide moral support

Health care workers are continually living in fear of infection or spreading the virus to their loved ones. Most of them are stressed out and unable to talk to each other; thus, providing moral support is a way to help them through this tough time and goes a long way in alleviating their stress level. One can take time to listen to them and continually assure them of their excellent work. If one is a spouse, family member, or neighbor, being more understanding is essential.


The covid-19 pandemic spread fear worldwide, especially to health care workers who only studied pandemics in books. Living through such a time in one’s career is frightening; thus, providing care, love, and support is the least one can do to support them.