The healthcare industry is crawling with new ideas and entrepreneurs hoping to bring those ideas to life. Here are some innovators in healthcare who are revolutionizing healthcare practices.

Manuri Gunawardena: This medical student at the University of New South noticed how hard it was for patients to find, and participate in trials for lifesaving treatments. During her time at the school’s neuro-oncology lab she learned that there was no easy way for patients to find these alternative treatments. This drove Gunawardena to start HealthMatch. According to the website, the company uses “machine learning and artificial intelligence to clinical data to create patient centric clinical trial recruitment with powerful data insights.” HealthMatch hopes to expand into Asia and the U.S. after raising series A funding.

Lee Akay: Known as the founder of Fitgenetix, Akay is changing the smart health and wellness game. The company offers “functional genomics for personalized precision health.” All of the information gathered through a DNA test is used to create personalized nutrition and fitness plans that help individuals get and stay healthy. Based off of DNA results, the company provides consumers with an option to work with a personal coach to meet fitness goals. Akay was also a founding board member of the think-tank HealthTech Center.

Niteh Jangir: As the co-founder of Coeo Labs, Jangir is working to create unique solutions for issues in critical and emergency care. The company created Saans, the first and only neonatal breathing support system that can work without electricity. Saans can help save the lives of thousands of babies all over the world with its affordability and easy operation. The device has different power modes, only needs one attendant to operate, and uses passive humidification, all of which are improvements over current neonatal CPAP technology.  

Abhilash Patel: Patel and his company Recovery Brands are working hard to provide consumers with an easier way to find addiction treatment online. Their mission “is to provide individuals and their loved ones with comprehensive online third-party resources so they can identify the best treatment options for substance use, behavioral addictions, and mental health disorders.” Recovery Brands offers ratings and reviews system, community support, and treatment directories.  

All of the entrepreneurs listed above are changing many aspects of the healthcare industry from wellbeing to critical care.